Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Progress Update: True Scale 'MK16 Damocles pattern' Space Marines.

It’s been over a year since I started this project, so I think a progress update is in order. 

I ended up not liking the MK16 armor kits as much as I like.  They need to be extensively cleaned for the oils used in casting.  Their design also looks good, but are extremely limited in poseability, which looks very cookie-cutter when you build more than 2 or 3.  They also were not as close to true scale as I’d like.

What I ended up doing was kitbashing these models with components from a company Anvil Industries.

This company sell high quality resin parts that could be used to represent a space marine very well (PLUS they have great gun accessories selection).  PLUS, using the MK16 torsos with Legs from Anvil produced a model very close to true scale!

I’m planning on writing a WIP tutorial for the models I’ve built, but for now, a simple picture will have to suffice until I get time to do the process justice.  The pictures are not staged well to show  a true size comparison, but they do give a basic idea of how they look in comparison to normal space marine models.
Here is a pic next to an Imperial Guardsmen.  Note, this guardsmen actually is a bit taller than a GW space marine model.  This is because it uses Catachan legs with Cadian torsos.

Here is showing the size difference (roughly) between the MK16 Marine and a GW space marine.  For the record, the Guardsmen above is TALLER than this GW Marine.

I'll post more pictures from different angles when I'm home this weekend.
Also, here's a WIP of the unit's captian.  His head isn't attached but just shown for scale.