Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Marines of the Rising Sons Chapter

This is my pride and joy, though you wouldn't guess it by looking at my army. They are a marine Army I developed a Bushido story behind that used the Blood Angels Codex SOLEY because I knew about the Storm Raven at it's inception and said  to myself "My Marine army is going to be about Storm Ravens, even if they have to have quirky blood angel rules".  I also had a fascination with Stern Guard, and with enough time and throught, I made a coherant history for a shooty Bload Angels army who had Ronin (Death company) and a desire to fly into battle on giant gunships with shooty boltguns.

I will try to post my Index Astartes soon.  It's lengthy and still needs some editing, but it's a good read.

The chapter has a Second Veteren's Company called the ValeGuard that are somewhat detached from the chapter's "Death before Dishonor" esprit de corp.  They have a Xeno-hunters slant to them and have a seedy alliance with some of the more deceptive and underhanded cadres in the Tau empire. This has really allowed me to push the chapter's story forward and further embolden the idea of them being an army design around Air Cavalry (Storm Ravens Look a little pale when a normal marine army can have Storm Talons, Storm Eagles, and Assault Rams.)  It also gave me the opportunity to do something I've always wanted to do.  Build a Marine army fully in Truscale. 

I'm a big fan of the mk4 Maximus Head and found a guy who produces this Tau-Power armor hybrid which happens to be design in 28mm Truscale(or darn close to it)

Below are some of  Prototype models I have showing the larger Mk 16 Damocles power armor and their non-standard Bolt weaponry.  While I very much like the GW aesthetic, I find myself seeking out non-GW bits to give my armies some individual flare.

(There are actually three different guns types in the above picture.  The one on the far right is a carbine version of the first and third.)  I have about 40 figure s currently and want to get another 20.


  1. I'd like to hear more about your thoughts on "true scale" and what you need to do to stock 40k models to make them so- your observations, conventions etc.

  2. I think that would make for a good post.

    I do think that "true scale" when refering to 40k really means at heart "Making space marines taller". In true 28mm, it's actually the Imperial guardsmen and xenos that are deftly oversized. (compare the gun on a Reaper model to the FlashlightLasgun of the average guardsmen and you'd think it was a lascannon.)

    but because Marines are the only ones known to obviously be out of scale wit the rest of the 40k range...we tend to push them into the 30mm+ range. I'll write a post in the next week on it.

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me where you found the Damocles armour sets from, unless they've been living in a cupboard for years. I'm trying to track some down myself but not having much luck beyond long ended listings on eBay. Thanks!

    1. Hi, these were picked up off of Ebay eons ago. you might still find them there, but I suspect not. The models themselves had limited poses (especially for the legs) and more work than usual cleaning the oils from the models. I'm going to be posting an update soon on this project that shows that I mixed the MK16 armor kits with parts from Forgeworld and Anvil Industries. The MK16 kits are also not Tru-scale as I thought once I compared them to regular GW models.

  4. Hi, I too am wondering where you got th damocles pattern power armour from, looking for some to and looks perfect!

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